Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter WHAT?

I bought my first snow shovel the other day and got started right away. The driveway was covered in a few inches of snow and I couldn't pass up this opportunity to pronounce my love yet again. Too much fun! Glad it melted thanks to the rain. It only took 1 1/2 week. This wether takes some getting used to. I think I'll need a couple more years. All I can hope for is the light at the end of the winter leading me into spring and then my favorite: SUMMER. Oh and we got our tree finally. We got it on the corner in town for $20 and I guess you get what you pay for. We put it up and if you touch it at all, all the needles fall off, hence the vacuum in the shot. Its a dry one to say the least but it sure looks good from a distance. Can I get a what what??? Anyway, Can't wait for Christmas. From Nick and me, we wish all ya'alls thee best holidays!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Turkey Bowl 2009

This year was the biggest and most fun Turkey bowl in a long time. Wish Josh and Jonathan in town, I knew it would be fun but dang. Nick grew out his football stache in tribute to Craig coming up which was very nice of him I thought. They look so alike when the facial hair comes into play. Too funny... Craig didn't play but he kept Krista talking and they cheered us on and took some video which was way cool, especially b/c their little toes were freezing. It was a perfect day and the teams were pretty even for the 40 people that showed up. As soon as we got there, Elder Guerrero met Josh with a huge brotherly hug. He had a weird saggy beany on his head so when he came over to us, I thought to myself, "whose this tool?" Not that I use that word, but it just says it all. Once I realized it was Travis, I was like, ok it makes sense now. We started playing right away and I took on the QB role as you'll see in the blue sweatshirt and perfect form. It was going great until I jammed my thumb on some little kids hard-as-a-rock hip bone then I couldn't grip the ball at all. I took the defensive route the rest of the time and we all had a blast. I was guarding Nick once he came to our field and I stuck him good. I know all his moves, What? Football people... Anyway, it was so much fun and 2 1/2 hours later, it was over and time to clean up for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that Lissa and Rebecca owned. It was so good and it was so nice to have most of the family come to us before the snow came today (Dec 7). Definitely, a holiday worth mentioning in the journal. We missed you Melissa and Jamie. Next time for sure. Nick and I have a lot to be thankful for, thats for sure.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Best Friends Wedding

This wedding was definitely not like the movie though. I wanted this wedding to happen with all my heart. My best friend, Misti, got married November 20th. I went down to Arizona a couple days early to prep her for the big day and scare her a little. heehee. I think I did my best to ease the tension. As Chubbs would put it, "just easin the tension baby." We hung out and I got to see their apartment. It was weird to see where the future magic would happen. What? Anyhoo, the day before the wedding Boyd's family put on a yummy dinner and program with traditional dances of their ancestors and its was so weird seeing Boyd yell and smack himself but Misti said she was used to it whatever that mean? His family was so nice and their Australian, New Zealand, and Hawaiian accents were so awesome. I got 2 hugs from his grandma, which I'm proud of for some reason. So Misti's whole family was there celebrating the union of 2 very different cultures that will mesh so well, I know it. She cried a little, but only because Dave got up and did the running man. j/k he gave a very heart-felt speech and my face almost leaked but I held it together. The wedding went so good and Misti looked beautiful. I got to lace up the back of her dress with Lani and the rest is history. She looked the most beautiful I had ever seen here even though her face screwed it up. Totally kidding (goonies shout out). She looked awesome and the sealing went good. I was nervous for her but Jake was making jokes the whole time so it was fine. I just want to say that I am glad I was able to go and now my best friend can make dirty jokes with me now that she's married. That's all I've been waiting for. ;) The reception was awesome especially the dancing and the chocolate balls that monte and shannon made. So tasty I saved some for later. I wished it would never end but I missed my eternal companion so I hurried home the day after even though I didn't call him all day Friday, sorry honey.

Erin the Head

So to start November off right, my sister came to visit. Mom, Tasha, and Erin drove up to meet me in the middle in Pocatello Idaho at Doug and Brie's. Unfortunately Doug was gone for the weekend so it was a girls weekend except for big man Wesley. It was so much fun to have the girls together with late night talks and Brie's awesome cooking. I especially enjoyed the homemade mitten making and hannah montanna mall madness. Games are a guarantee when your in that Witte house but I'm not complaining. It was the best hearing the rules that Kayla and Wes make up as we play. Seeing them grow up and become so independent is a great thing to be apart of. I think the best part of the whole weekend was just going for a late night cranberry juice run with Erin and hitting up TJ Maxx just her and me. It was like old times and I miss having her so close. We found some good deals and relief if you know what I mean Erin. ;) This was a weekend I will never forget and it makes me appreciate the great family I have. In the words of a wise woman I know and love, "Thank you Heavenly Father." (LR)

Halloween Stone

So Halloween was great and I had to post the pictures of my most accomplished pumpkin carving year to date. It was inspired and even though it took a little bit, I was impressed with my work. Nick didn't think I could do it but I made it happen. It was a fun and the happiest Halloween ever...