Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yeah baby, thats us!  We finally broke in the FJ.  Last weekend we went out to Joshua tree and tested old blue on the rocky trails of those hills.  It was so fun and Nick did a lot better than I thought.  He handled the rocks and hills like a champ. I was so impressed.  I know him.  We went with Cameron Campbell and his wife Vivian and Doug Grover.  It was the most perfect weather and good thing we went early b/c Cameron's exhaust cracked so we pretty much hung out at Kragen for an hour.  Now we know our way around J-Tree though.  Once we got there we went right to it.  We climbed a wicked hill and then stopped to have lunch overlooking the beautiful dirt valley that is the lake bed there.  I was loving it, with sandwich in one hand and rocks in the other.  I was throwing them down the hill b/c I am fascinated with seeing things break from high distances.  It was so much fun and the FJ was top notch.  I love it although b/c its so new, the ABS doesn't allow for donuts which we did make an effort at.  Overall, the day was amazing we just wish Marla could have been there.  I highly recommend off-roading and will be back for the whole camping experience for sure.  Hopefully, according to Nick, we can use the recovery straps next time b/c that means it was a tough man terrain.  Crazy boys and there toys. 

So its been a while but that leaves so much new pictures to post.  So since last time, Doug and Marla got married and although we accidentally deleted all the awesomepictures we got of the reception, we did get some of the bachelor party a little while before, where an almost stripper graced the boys with a tease of a trench coat and hand cuffs. All in good fun right?  That night reviewing the days events, Marla got a little horny. . .