Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our little 2 monther Gnome

Here are just a couple of cute pics as Skye reaches 2 months 1 week old. She is so freakin adorable. The pointy hoody was a gift that I was super excited for her to grow into and now she has. She is such a ham and loves the camera wink wink. haha. We love her more every second.

Witte cousins

March 5th, Doug, Brie, Kayla, and Wes were finally able to visit. It was a great visit and everyone was so good with Skye. Kayla and Wes were super gentle with her and loved holding her. Wes was hesitant at first but whenever K had her, he wanted her. He was a natural. We also got a good family picture since the hospital. A good lookin family if I do say so myself. Thanks so much for coming over and introducing us to Ponyo especially right before the Japan Tsunami happened. Too weird, but a coincidentally interesting movie. Love you guys and can't wait for the next visit. Mahalo

Play Date

February 24th was Skye's first play date with a close friend of mine's son Jace. He was born 3 weeks after Skye and weighs 3 lbs more and way longer. They got along great and it was nice to have another adult to interact with. We were able to talk for about 30 minutes before we both had to breast feed. We are such mules. haha. Skye was not in the best of moods the whole time especially b/c she drooled milk on her arm. Ooopsie messy eater. heehee. We positioned Jace and Skye on the couch sitting in the corner to capture their pure joy of being with one another. Although they look like they're standing, they're not quite there yet. Thanks Luisa for a great day of comparing stories and catching up.

Happy Holidays

Two more firsts included Skye's first Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. She looked so cute both days and she getting so big so fast. She is sporting the heart berret and the Elvis attitude for all the Irish fans. She is so much fun and starting to lift her head on her own. She looks so much older when you can see her neck. Crazy. We're so excited to see her sit up on her own. We Love our little one and good thing because she was our Valentine and is our lucky charm.

Grandma's visit

February was a great month mainly because Grandma Rogers came to save the day. Lissa came up for 9 days of generous assistance to this rookie mother. She was so awesome forcing me to take naps and spoiling little Skye so much that she won't sleep without being held now. haha. We got to introduce Skye to her Bryant cousins, take her first trip to walmart, and get a real bath in her new tub from G-ma. She absolutely loved her Grandma and would sleep for hours on her thanks to her swadling skills. We learned a lot from her and had a great time. We got her hooked on the bachelor, made my awesome potato cheese soup bread bowls, and just relaxed here and there. Nick and I got a couple moments to ourselves to chill which was amazing. Thanks Lissa and a huge shout out to Craig (hence the grandpa onesie) for loaning her to us for so long. You guys are the best.