Monday, September 21, 2009

4th Anniversary

So our anniversary was on Sept 2nd and I didn't want to get Nick a card so I decided to be a little more creative and get him something more tasty. I called up the local pizza place in town and they were all for my heart-shaped pizza idea. I was way excited for Nick to see it and he was even more excited to eat it. It was a big hit and I was pretty proud of myself. Anyway, for the evening, we had the usual plans for dinner but then we got the invite from our neighbors to go to the lake and work on our wakesurfing skills. We did not hesistate and we hit the lake around 5pm. It was good stuff, especially because we both were able to get up many times without the rope as our security blanket. I'm still refining my carving skills but as you'll see in the video, Nick is killin it. So, that was our day. Nothing says I love you more than Pizza and wakesurfing.