Monday, February 15, 2010

We gots tricks

So here is our tricks. Nick is in the white jacket and I'm in the red pants. Not that you couldn't tell by the level of difficulty in the execution. haha! I'm workin on it. I usually just like to fly down the mountain and maybe a 180 here and there.

Valentine's Day 2010

So for Valentine's Day we went to Sandy, UT. We got the invite from Doug and Marla who were planning a snowboarding trip to Brighton and the Canyons. We have been extremely disappointed with the Idaho snow so we packed up and met them down there. We stayed with my Mom in Sandy and met them up there Friday morning right when Brighton opened. It wasn't a bad drive at all and we stayed the whole day 9-4. It was the most perfect day ever and a great start to our Valentine's weekend. It started with it snowing for fresh snow and continued with the perfect parking spot right in front of the lodge, met up with friends, and started off in the smoothest powder ever. It was the best because there were so many runs and plenty of trees to board through. It was amazing, especially, with just Nick and I and me trying to dig myself out of the powder spots where I lost speed. It was so hilarious. I hit a couple jumps and Nick was just tearing up the mountain. He is already better then me in the 6 times he's gone vs. the 20 times I've gone and taking a class for a semester. Anyway, we hit up the freestyle parts with boxes and walls and stuff. It was more, so I could tape Nick cuz I'm not the trickster quite yet. He made it look so easy, so next time we go, I'll try a lot more. It was just so perfect ending it with the perfect meal at Taco Bell (my favorite). We hung out with my Mom and Tasha the next day until we met up with Josh and Krista that night for a most awkward experience at Olive Garden and a cozy movie in Josh's apartment. It was a lot of fun, mainly seeing how they are so alike. They were bumpin Miley Cyrus in the Accord and singing it outloud with the windows down. They are so meant for each other. We left on Sunday for home making a detour by way of Doug and Brie's house. We had an awesome dinner of steak and crab legs (no crab for us) which we each tried a smidgen. Played some wii then had 'better than sex cake' to top it off. Made it home about 9 then straight to bed thankful for the best Valentine's day we have ever had. Totally worth the 600 miles and wiplash I got. I heart you Nick!~

R.I.P. Phillips

So about a month ago, we finished watching a movie and were about to watch the special features when the T.V. powered down and started making a chirping noise. Nothing we did made it work so we're pretty sure the circuit board was done for. We opened it up and I got creative. So we had to go about a week and 1/2 while we researched new flat screens. We ended up going with a much more stylish and necessary replacement. We are very please with our new LG HD TV. So many abbreviations. I'll tell you later...

Rainbow Brite

So I posted a few Christmas photos in a slide show on the left, as you can see. It was a great Christmas and I know I am way late on posting about it, but I been busy subbing it up and not making time for the blog. Sorry I'm slacking... So, I got everything I wanted and want to give a huge shout out to Craig and Lissa for their selections. Very thankful you are so cool and I think my face says it all in the Taboo opening one. Nick really captured my excitement. Thanks and love you 2 so much. Nick knows me so well and hooked it up as usual. I got some new snowboarding pants, itunes, movies, and amazing shirts. For him, I tried to be creative by making a book of all his song lyrics so they would be organized instead of spread out all over the house and in pockets in the music room. He loved it and hopefully it will be a big seller some day. The originals are big money right? He also got clothes, beanies from C&L, Modern Warfare 2, and socks.
We were very low key just chillin just us 2. New Years consisted of just drinking Martinelli's out of root beer mugs with a momentous clink of the glasses... Classic! January was uneventful except for the rain all the time. I went to look out the front door one day and this rainbow is what I saw. As bright as day, it was a welcoming sight. I grabbed the camera and started shooting. If you look closely, there is a second one next to the brighter one. I could see the whole thing just didn't have a big enough lens to get it in one shot so I hope my pictures do it justice. I love nature so much, so if this is boring to you, sorry but this gift of beauty must be captured and shared. So pretty, just like this random, handsome picture of Nick. I get a gift everyday knowing he's in my life and that I am so lucky. Like the rainbow, he is very colorful, just not as gay. Thank you Heavenly Father!