Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great news!!!

So here's the good news I've been waiting to write about. Nick and I are finally expecting and we are so excited. We are 11 weeks along so still in the beginning but we were able to hear the heartbeat on Friday July 16th. All is good and normal and we are stoked. We found out right before Father's Day and went to Doug and Brie's to tell them so we could tell someone in person. It went great. We played a game of BS and as we were going through the numbers, Nick said 2 3's and I said 1 baby and put down my card. Doug said BS not realizing what I just said and Brie had to tell him. He was like "no way" and they were way excited and hugs all around. It was so great to have a physical celebration instead of just through-the-phone which were great after talking to everyone but not the same. Skype was quite good with Craig and Lissa for sure. They totally knew though. They are just too good. So we are so happy right now and can't wait to add to our family.

Mix Master Nick

So, its been way too long, I know, but I was waiting till something worth writing about came along. The beginning of June was Josh's wedding (Nick's little bro) and it was a ton of fun to be in SoCal again. It treated us right and we had a ton of fun. Got to see a ton of friends and the wedding was great. The best part was the music, compliments of Nick. He got the title of DJ and figure out some not-to-cooperative DJ equipment. He looked good behind the table that's for sure and it was fun to help out for Josh and Krista. Danny was great on the mic and Trevor was great for moral support too. Thanks for your help guys! We are so happy for them (J/K and that doesn't mean just kidding ;) and it was great to have all the family all together.