Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tiny Dancer

So this has to be my favorite dress she has. (Thanks Lissa) She is such a beautiful pixie devil. We had fun with this one and she was just loving the big ball. Our own little spin off of wipeout. haha. She definitely made the qualifier. Her face in the one where you can't see the ball is like a Christmas morning face. She is so freakin adorable, I can't stand it, but I can really. She keeps my heart beating that's for dang sure. Nick had her bouncing on the ball as he drops a beat so she can bust a move and she loves it. She gets her booty shaking, legs pop and locking, and the biggest grin on her face. She is also starting this grown thing where she sounds like a angry puppy. So many things just surprise me and make me smile. This is why people have kids...Thank you Heavenly Father for Skye Huntington Rogers. I can't wait to share her for upcoming visits if everything works out. Love you family!!!!!

She wears her sunglasses at night

So we had a photo shoot and dang she is so funny. I was laughing so hard as she posed for each one. She is not sure about the camera but I found a couple noises she cannot help but smile at and these are the result. Summer is so much fun for baby clothes. Thanks to great taste of otr fams, she is stylin. She doesn't mind the sunglasses either (thanks Misters) Milestones wise: She is starting to recognize strangers so just a warning: don't come at her quick, she likes the slow approach and then she'll give you a smile otherwise she'll cry. It's so cute and her face when she feels people out is so serious. Your chances are 50-50 so just go for it. She is also discovering her voice and we are victims to it as she lets out this ear-piercing scream that she belts out quite often as of a week ago. Its hilarious but loud. Sunday was her debut where she let it out in sacrament a couple times. I was so proud. hahahah. Everyone raves about her hair but now adays she is losing on the sides and the middle top remains full so we are pretty much in training for the mohawk. She's a fashionista already. EAt your heart out Gwen Stefani.... Everyday is a new adventure and i'm glad i have my dancing shoes on.

Haven't seen you in a minute...

So I want to publicly apologize for the disgrace of a blogger I have been these past 3 + months. I have preferred to just post the pictures on Facebook as opposed to putting int he back stories and updating my blog. I sincerely apologize especially to the grandmas out there. Anyhoo, I will be posting a new slideshow and pictures to show how big Skye is getting and explain what a joy she is to our lives. She has hit so many milestones and although she is only in the 15% besides her head in the 30%, she is as healthy as an ox. She can now steamroll us to death and grabs anything in sight. She is starting to get her legs underneath her which is the beginnings of a crawl but she usually ends up rolling over. She loves reaching for her pacifier though. She tries so hard and she gets stronger every day. I'm so proud already. She is sleeping in her crib now and doing great. Sometimes I'll come in and find her sideways or on her belly with her face in the mattress just jabbering and making noises. She is hilarious and I love her so much.