Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who Doesn't Love the 80's?

We attended a formal 80's party this Saturday and went all out.  We got all decked out thinking it was gonna go down like 1980 something and when we got there, the most that everyone had done was tease their hair a little except for the Morris' and Shannon.  They did pretty good with some hoop earrings and the side ponytail.  So yeah, Nick and I just went with it so it wasn't awkward and tried to remind people why the 80s were the best decade ever.  No high gas prices, no blatantly dirty music, and overwhelming neon for days.  It was a great time with ribs and tri-tip steaks, oh and some bomb salsa compliments of Shannon C.  Did someone say steak?  I was hoping for razzles and juju bees but what are you gonna do?  The Carr's were great hosts and it was especially enjoyable watching 'Better off Dead' to close out the night.  "You like Raisins."  Just a side note, Ross was the supplier of choice for this party, so if you ever need 80's gear, check it out.  I love the 80's, I mean, without it, us 2 cool peeps wouldn't be here and you all wouldn't have anyone to make fun of.  Am I right or am I right?  Or am I right?

Downtown Disney Delight!

Fun in the sun or moon!  My best friend Misti MacGillivray (aka Misti Peppers) was down for her annual family reunion at the beach so I took the chance to meet up with her last week in the evening time, during their stay at Disneyland.  It was quite the adventure, California Adventure, Oh Dang!  We hung out and walked the streets of Downtown Disney for a while, catching up to a scoop of ice cream or 2.  Then we checked out the Lego store.  Darth Vader is quite the flirt, let me tell you. . .  It was too short of a visit for sure, but at least we can text non stop when we're away from each other.  Not while I'm driving of course.  Wink!

Double Trouble!

A night on the town with our friends Doug and Marla.  They're engaged.  The food was yummy as always, especially the chips.  Some were a little more salty than others thanks to Nick and Doug.  Chili's is our favorite restaurant ever except for those lamps we always hit our heads on.  It's worth the risk though.

Room Service please

Here is the awesome room service experience from the mission inn extravaganza, just so you know what you're paying for. . .   Remember no pickles and pancakes: minus the dirt.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mission Inn...... your pants!

   So,because our Anniversary is close to Labor Day (Sept. 2nd) we decided to avoid the madness of holiday travelers this year and we celebrated our 3rd anniversary early.  Nick got Friday off for once and we stayed at the Mission Inn where we got some sensual massages at the Kelly's Spa place.  It felt so good but now Nick knows what a real massage feels like.  Mine will never meet his standards now.  AH CRAP!  Anyway, it was just a nice one night stay and we went all out with room service too.  We were impressed, besides the pickle and the dirt blueberry pancakes Nick got.  Oh, and the ice cream was ok for the $7 it was, Holy Canoli!!!  Saturday morning, we took a dip in the pool in the morning then went and saw Kung Fu Panda.  It was very fun to have the time to ourselves, Wink?  We highly recommend the Mission Inn.  3 snaps in a Z for this one.  

For the time of vacation. . .

Hey folks, this past week was awesome! I got to see almost my whole family, Doug, Brie, Kayla and Wes, Mom, Tasha, Bryan and Kristen, Myles and Riley and Last but not least my best friend Misti.  It was so much fun going to Idaho and Salt Lake.  We had an awesome visit especially with the frisbee and Lasso golf.  I had to go by myself because Nick had to work but I missed him every second as if you didn't know.  Yes, we are still as clingy as ever so deal with it.  Anyway, I surprised Doug for his 29th b-day and it was awesome.  We had an awesome time playing poker (for fun), football, Pictionary, and of course Yahtzee!  It was a much needed vacation while poor Nick got so bored, he almost resorted to read a book.  hahahahah.