Monday, February 9, 2009

Red Like Scarlet live at the Coffee Depot!!!

Saturday January 31st was Nick's (Red Like Scarlet's) second show in Riverside at the coffee depot.  After learning the night before, that he would be opening for Donnie's band, he was hard practicing away the day before. He was putting on some finishing touches to his most excellent playlist thanks to misti and me (co-writers).  We helped him practice and I practiced my screaming strategery. He played an amazing set and Josh made the duet complete for the first song 'Drowning Maria.'  He made me so proud to be his wife.  Sorry about the mushy crap but I was so proud of him.  He TOTALLY (that was for you misti) killed it!  There was a large crowd and all his fans went crazy for him.  Thanks for the Tight Pants shout out Doug!  We will be posting the video soon, if not just showing you at your houses.  Get ready, for those who care!!!  RLS rocks!

Summer Fun in January. . .

So Misti finally got to come out here after moving out to Arizona for a day and I was so excited.  After enjoying an awesome array of waffles and strawberries compliments of Miki, we went over to the Rogers' house to hunt some verman.  WIth the summer-like weather in winter, we busted out our red ryder beebee guns hoping to have a moving target but we just set up some bottles and cans for some target practice.  It was so much fun, Craig and Josh even got in on the action.  Nick was on the roof reminiscing of old times and then, Holy Crotch Batman, he decided to show off his Spiritual side.  What?  Anyway,  thanks to the best weather in the country right now, I was just glad to see my bestest friend for the weekend and see a lovely sillohuette of that hottie of mine sendin out the vibes.   

Idaho Christmas

So we went to Idaho this past Christmas, and I know its a little late to be posting bout Christmas but you get what I give so there.  Anyway, it was so much fun, especially driving in the blizzard that was going on.  It was like a war zone seeing about 5 cars turned over or in the embankments  (really 3 but 5 sounds better), but we were just cautious.  We had to improvise too due to our windshield wiper juicers freezing up so made sure to drive behind people shooting up mist so we could clean our windshield.  Once we got to Doug and Brie's it was amazing besides the 16- 20 degree weather.  We played Wii about the whole time and got to spend New Years with the Witte's which has been a while.  I got my Christmas wish for sure.  We did the sledding and I almost broke my leg but overall, it was a good road trip between the lava hot springs and making Brammy Pinky Wii character.  I wouldn't take it back for the world.  Thanks Doug and Brie and Mom and Tash for letting us tag along.