Monday, July 27, 2009

The new hood!

So we found a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Star, ID. I do like the city name so that was a plus as well as the late sunlight till 9:30-10 at night. We have trouble going to bed before midnight b/c its still light out so late and we don't get tired till later. Its so awesome though especially b/c I thrive on the sun. So anyway, the house will take some adjusting to b/c its way smaller than our house in Perris, but we made everything fit nicely especially with our 3 car garage. We are all unpacked and things are good. We got a gym pass so that is nice and our neighbors are pretty much the coolest people ever. They invited us to go to the lake in Black Canyon where we had our first Idaho surfing experience (you can see it on our Facebook page link so check it out). They have a sweet Malibu boat and lots of toys. We hope to become good friends with them and are way excited to make friends with all the nice people in the area. Everyone is pretty nice except for the occasional stare-hard-retard. So we like it besides the roads being so stupid and the speed limits being unnecessarily slow. I'm excited to get a job and see what the next year brings so keep checking up on us here. Miss you Lake Perris ward peeps. What, What? I'll put more pix of the inside of the house and the new furniture in a little bit so don't worry.

The Big Move :(

So yeah, we left the wonderful house on Sugar Maple in Perris, CA for the long trek to Idaho on July 10th. Craig and Nick drove the Penske (mostly Craig, sorry honey gotta give him a shout out) up while I followed them in the FJ. We had walky talkies so we could keep in touch and point out all the weirdos and tires on the road. Right Bryan? Anyway, it went really smooth, no problems. We made a quick stop in Parowan, UT to grab some jam where Nick took over the reigns. He did a great job and we got to Provo safe and sound. We dropped Rick (the xB) and Craig off at Ben and Jaimes, thanks again for dinner J. Nick and me stayed at my moms in Sandy where we had some killer strawberry shortcake and then went straight to bed. Left at 5 am to sign the final paperwork on our new house in Star (just renting). It was sad to say goodbye to the California Sun and Hello to the rolling hills, but it is a new chapter in our lives and it will be fun.

My best buddies

So it was way nice during the day but it got nippy at night being right on the coast with the amazing view you can see on my Facebook pictures. Here are my best friends for life keeping warm with the beanie beach look. Gotta love it!

4th of July Fun

Nick and I crashed the MacGillivray Family Beach trip in San Clemente State Beach for 4th of July weekend for one last beach trip before Idaho. It was so much fun and we laid out and played all day. There were a ton of people up and down the beach but it was so much fun. The happy couple, who are newly engaged (Boyd and Misti) showed us the ropes and made us look so white, but we still hung out with them. It was perfect weather and perfect fun between the paddle ball, frisbee, and bbq/bonfire. The Macs really know how to camp and go to the grocery store (Wink). I will definitely miss those days but I do get that bonfire smell a lot in Idaho. The transition will be smoother with that aroma in the air.