Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Fall Harvest

So this was before Halloween but we were stoked about actually having edible fruit, literally, on our doorstep. The house we are renting has a apple and peach tree in the front. So as it ripened we got to pick them and it was quite the adventure. The peaches were way good. I even made a peach dump cake and the one apple that didn't have worm holes in it, was delicious. If we are still in this house next fall, we will try a little harder to pick them on time because we had no clue. Maybe an apple pie really from scratch.... We had so many peaches we had to give a lot of them away. That was pretty fun and the neighbors were thankful. No canning this time, but maybe next time, NOT. I won't conform. j/k. We'll see what happens but we are all out at the current moment so store bought canned peaches will work for me through the winter.

Trick or Treat: 2009

So this Halloween has to be the best one we have had in a real long time. We dressed up, which we haven't done since high school, and had Doug, Brie, Kayla, and Wes grace us with their presence. It was so much fun. We played a Halloween bowl that morning, a preview to the Turkey bowl soon to come. It was way fun and it was perfect weather. We had a black taco lunch at Taco Bell then to the trunk or treat we went. It was at 5pm so it was still light out and I liked that. Kayla and Wes helped us pass out candy for the first part of it and they looked so cute in their costumes. Kayla was a geisha and Wes was a ninja with a killer fu man chu goatie. When Doug and Brie got there, we took the 2 cuties around and they were so excited when they got more then 1 piece or gum. To my surprise it was so much more fun watching them get candy rather than being the one trick or treating. I loved it and I don't think there was a second I wasn't smiling. I was doing my Gilly dance the whole way, while Nick (or should I say Ron) was going around interviewing people and telling them to "stay classy" I did get the occasional Annie mistaken identity but I corrected them right away. Annie doesn't have a brown afro. HELLO PEOPLE!!! So after the trunk or treat, we took them around the neighborhood a little bit and they were the cutest on the block, just like their parents who were the cutest asian elderly couple I have seen, in Idaho. Haha. I couldn't have asked for a better Halloween than this.