Thursday, March 4, 2010

Too Cute!

Here is one and two of many reasons why I love my niece and nephew ginormously. Is that the right word? Well, it captures the level and size of my love for them. They are on the street of downtown Riverside near the Mission Inn and they are rippin it up. They have some wicked moves. Their rhythm is inspiring and I couldn't get enough that's for sure. The swings are authentic from Mexico and they loved them. They have such an imagination and I was just taking in the moment with them: Being in California with my family and making them laugh with the spinning and pushing. This is what lasts forever, fun with loved ones; Doug, Brie, Kayla, Wes, and Nick who was on the phone the majority of the time. Oh, and I can't forget Iron Man right Nick and Kayla. hahahaha