Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Fanthorpe

The Chicago trip was amazing. Erin and Nick stole the show and were the best hosts ever. We were always on the go and everything went so smoothly. When we got there into the airport, there was a fowl smell in the air. Stinky Midway! We saw a rat run across the parking lot where we were eating our yummy icecream which was questionable after that. hahaha. Then we headed out to Naperville where we stayed 2 days. We had the real deal, stuffed crust deep dish pizza which was cheese enough for a week but dang it was good. Took the train to downtown which really is the windy city. It was very cold and rainy but we made it to magnificent mile where we shopped till we dropped. Once we got back, it was wedding stuff from there, rehearsals, breakfasts, and getting all dolled up. My dress wasn't very flattering but I'm definitely getting that baby bump. It was so cute, Kayla and Wes kept rubbing my belly whenever we saw each other. They are going to be great cousins that's for sure. The family was all back together since I can't remember when, and it was so great except that Nick couldn't be there :( His dang work is so dumb with days off so he had to sit this one out. The Witte clan was almost complete and it was such a reality check to see how far we have all come. The day of the wedding was great especially because the sun was out. Despite it being freezing, the warmth of Nick and Erin's love made it totally bareable. They both looked great and so did everyone else. Nick's family put on a great show and were some of the coolest in-laws I've ever met besides mine of course ;) So sweet and caring and fun. I'm so happy for Erin and glad I could go all the way to Chicago for her special day. 4 down, one to go....Tasha