Monday, February 7, 2011

Skye's First outgrown PJ's

Skye is growing so fast, I can't believe it. She has grown out of 2 preemie PJ outfits and this is one of them. She couldn't really straighten one leg and Nick and me were just laughing while she tried to help me hear how uncomfortable it was. She is getting taller, chunkier, and cuter ever second and we love it.

My sweet girl

Here are a couple pictures during her second week of life. She is so adorable, I will probably just be adding pictures of her outfits and her crazy poses with no particular blog worthy story. The stink bug, raise the roof, and leg crossed sleepy head are my faves featured here. Hope you don't get annoyed, but I love her so much and I'm so excited to tell people and show how fast she is growing. The last picture is when Paige and Rebecca came over to visit and Paige was so sweet with her. She didn't want to hold her at first but couldn't resist by the end. I think she liked her cousin.

Week 1 continued

Skye has already changed so much from these pictures but I thought I would document the most annoying thing we had to put up with. Skye had to wear this glowing bilirubin light up her back for the first couple days which made her look like a glow worm. It was such a hassle but it helped get rid of the jaundice she had. I guess it was worth it.