Friday, August 28, 2009

New furniture Pictures

So we got it a while ago, but here are the pictures of the new furniture. We got a sweet deal on the couch and ottoman, that is (as my mom said) "as big as the house." Anyway it is so cumfy and good for sleeping if you pull it next to the couch. We got a plethora of pillows so we have pillow fights all the time. Nick usually wins with the low blows. He's a cheater. Anyway, our dining table is black with some vintage tints here and there. It is very nice and its nice to eat on a flat surface that doesn't have carpet like the floor. We love it though. Oh, the martinelli's picture is the celebration of our selling of the california house. We wanted to do a little something for it, even if it was so anticlimatic and overrated after the drawn out mess (1 1/2 years). We are grateful its done though, besides the conditional note we got thrown at us. Everything else in Idaho is great, just hoping to get a job soon, because the districts are keeping secrets and secrets don't make friends. I'll have to start getting nosey i guess. Wish me luck. Nick's work is going really good, he is very busy all the time and living 2 minutes from the warehouse, has been nice because I get to see him on his lunch hour when he comes home. Even though its quick, every chance I get to see him makes me scream for joy inside. He is my everything and I wuv him so much. Just want to make sure everyone knows that. I guess I am extra mushy about it because our 4th anniversary is this wednesday Sept. 2nd so mark it on your calendars. Who would have thought we would last 6 months right? LOL

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chubbuck Sunday

On the way home from Provo, Sunday morning we decided to stop by Doug and Brie's. It was on the way, so why not. I guess Wes didn't know and when we rang the door bell, Kayla tried to trick him. She said "maybe its Jon." He opened it and he yelled "yay!" Me too and he didn't leave me side for the first 5 minutes. He was acting silly the whole time, especially during "War" He was singing some random song and we were all just staring in confusion at what he was doing. He is hilarious just like his dad. He made this crazy face then doug tried to imitate it. Not bad. Doug and Brie fed us for lunch and then we played some games ending up with the what else? The Wii. I love that thing and I miss them already. Definitely glad they made it back from Yellowstone safe. Thanks for a great Sabbath guys!!!

Provo Pals

We decided, last minute for Aug 15th, to go to Provo to congratulate Ben on his graduation from BYU. We called Friday afternoon and got there at 12:30am that night. Yes, we love him that much. So Saturday we hung out and just savored the moment because we wont' see Craig, Lissa, Ben, or Jamie for a real long time after this, since they are moving. Kaylee especially enjoyed the visit. She was Nick's shadow the whole time. She is twitterpated even after all these years. It is too cute. We had a lot of fun visiting with Nick's Uncle Jon and CathrynAnn on Saturday. They are . The boys all took a picture together to represent for the Rogers crew. I just noticed that Craig and Jon have matching pocket protectors. J/k nerds. They have the same glasses holder clippy thing. Too funny. So anyway, Danny kept things serious while he hung out. He is so crazy and normal, all at the same time, which we are very grateful for. It was a great visit, especially the aroma in the condo during Willy Wonka. What????

Otter Potter Slushy

So Nick had this creative idea to make a otter pop slushy blueberry flavored. I busted out about 15 blue otter pops and poured them all in the blender. Being rock hard, they did not blend so well at first, but they looked pretty, like a ice planet creation. Anyway, we waited for it to melt and it turned out just right (no thanks to me though). It was quite tasty and we highly recommend it. Sweet and chilled to perfection.


So we went to play soccer with a friend's young men group and this is the result. I showed the initial bruise and its progression a week later with the white shorts in the picture. I am really proud of it and Juan felt real bad about it, but not about his shot. I am a wall and will sacrifice my body to prevent a goal, just like old times. I loved playing and will make sure there are many more soccer games even if there are no other girls playing.