Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tiny Dancer

So this has to be my favorite dress she has. (Thanks Lissa) She is such a beautiful pixie devil. We had fun with this one and she was just loving the big ball. Our own little spin off of wipeout. haha. She definitely made the qualifier. Her face in the one where you can't see the ball is like a Christmas morning face. She is so freakin adorable, I can't stand it, but I can really. She keeps my heart beating that's for dang sure. Nick had her bouncing on the ball as he drops a beat so she can bust a move and she loves it. She gets her booty shaking, legs pop and locking, and the biggest grin on her face. She is also starting this grown thing where she sounds like a angry puppy. So many things just surprise me and make me smile. This is why people have kids...Thank you Heavenly Father for Skye Huntington Rogers. I can't wait to share her for upcoming visits if everything works out. Love you family!!!!!


melissa gargalis said...

such a cutie! I miss her

craigandlissa said...

Thanks so much for the posts and pictures!!! So adorable and growing much too fast. Hoping to see you sooner than later. Miss you TONS!!!