Monday, October 17, 2011

2 months late but worth a viewing

So I did a mud run up at Bogus Basin here in Boise ID and it was so much funnest time I had getting dirty in a long time. Yes, it was a while ago but I feel I had to get it on my blog now, besides up on my Facebook. So it was so much fun to run in the mountains and in nature along side some really good girlfriends. We had to run a lot more up hill than I thought but the anticipation to the next muddy obstacle got me through. It was super muddy and I was squishing in my shoes the whole second half of the way through thanks to the man with the hose. I dove in one of the pools of mud and had a great time seeing Luisa try and get over the walls. The best part was the RootBeer showers at the top of the mountain and making mud handprints on each other's backs. It was just a dirty good time and I was super glad we could be sportin the Halo T's. We were dirty girls and we liked it. Nick was a great help, watching Skye and taking these wonderful pictures. Skye loved every minute that she was awake. Thanks Mark!

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