Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kipu Falls Balls

Here are the  short videos of our first real rope swing and cliff jump.  It was way scary and way fun all in one.  There isn't a rope swing of me b/c I was done after my first disaster of a face plant rope swing adventure.  Nick did good but I decided that straight down, feet first is for me.  It was such a scary thing that I didn't even make sure Nick was taping but he was and got proof that I jumped.  I was so proud after I was done which was a big high after slipping 3 times on the way over to the cliff.  Whatever.  I highly recommend cliff jumps.  I wish we could go back and have another week.  Just a warning, one week is not enough so take that as you may.

We did something Dirty!!

On our Kauai ATV tour, we got to drive the mud bug.  It was so much better than the quads b/c the steering allows for more freedom.   We did get some amazingly fashionable clothes to wear to keep our clothes from getting nasty.  Nick was pretty stoked cuz his fit so perfect.  I do have to say, I don't think it was very attractive.  I like the snug nick but thats just me.  Anyway, we were the leader of the mudbugs so Nick was totally dusting out the the 2 mudbugs behind us.  It was hilarious.  I think he hit every bump possible to hit which made it so much fun.  We went during a dry spout so the puddlage was severely lacking but we still managed to get a bit dirty.  Thats how I like it.  ;)  Anyway we went on a short hike to a swimming spot with a little waterfall and drove through this mountain tunnel.  It was so amazing to learn the history of these cool features of the great island of Kauai.  Later, we drove past the jurassic park field where the dr. and kid get passed up by the herd of dinosaurs getting chased by the T-rex and we had an encounter with one as well.  It was so funny and cool.

Kauai Locals????

So the most northern part of the island includes Ke'e beach.  We heard it was great for sunset shots so we went to do some recon. and encountered some interesting fellows while we were there.  Oh Nick got to use the leeky leeky too.  So this beach has so many warnings on it, I had to get a shot of it.  It looked pretty calm to us but I guess they didn't warn that lady about the sunblock that needs to be worn.  I couldn't fit in the no harry back sign but it was there.  Sorry all you blessed men, but Nasty!!!   Crazy tourists. . . What?  On our way back (mile walk because the parking sucked so bad) to the car, we saw the awesome spider on the sign and had to get a shot.  I tried NIck got this better shot. To put it short, we didn't go back all the way up to this part of the island b/c of the parking situation.  The north side was crazy no parking, but we still had a fun time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Waimea Canyon

So this canyon took quite the effort  to get to.  The windiest narrow road I have ever driven on and I did not think it was worth it at all until we got to the top where we got to see the napali coast cliffs and the green rigid cliffs like on jurrasic park.  It was so beautiful and from the lookouts we could see the coast where we started.  The view was amazing.  It was definitely a great scenery for Nick's dabbling in photography.  He has a bright future.  The weather was overcast until it opened up at the last 2 stops where you see the green cliffs.  You truly get a feel for the creating power of our Lord.  I am so thankful there are places like this on earth still.  I hope everyone has a chance to see Hawaii at least one time in their lives.

Safari in Kauai

Aloha howlees.  So yeah, we started out trip with a kayak, hike, zipline tour.  It was so awesome.  The weather was perfect for us and out tour guides we way funny.  We learned all about the first peeps on the island and how the tehetians came in and scared them away and took over.  I don't think our tour guide Gary liked me very much but nick gained his respect after doing a back flip on the rope swing.  Nick is such a show off but that's what I like about him.  I just did a double pump.  The waterfall we went too after the zipline fun and the amazing turkey sandwhich was Kipu Falls with a 20-30ft. drop.  I totally face planted doing the rope swing, but recovered enough to be the only one in our tour group to jump the cliff.  Nick nailed his rope jumps as usual.  The water was so perfect and the falls was beautiful.  The locals made us feel way intimidated but I just brushed it off.  It was a  great time, I highly recommend it