Friday, January 21, 2011

Skye's first bath

So our first bath experience wasn't what we were hoping. She peed and pooped right when I took her diaper and all over her towel that we were going to use to dry her off. The washing was fine but man, you learn a lot day by day, by day, by day.... The second bathing experience was much better after consulting those more experienced resources we have to our desposal. Thanks Bec! Shout out to Rebecca who has been a life saver beyond anything we could've hoped for. She was there every minute at the hospital and hooked us up with sustenance, words of encouragement, and a much needed extra pair of hands. Thanks so much. Lissa would be proud. Anyway, the bath went a lot smoother after we communicated with each other and went into with a strategy. I held her while Nick poured and washed. Skye liked most of it and it was crazy to wash that head of hair. She certainly has a unique head of hair, which I wasn't expecting to see but its way cute and so soft. We can't wait until the next new adventure that parenthood brings.

Skye is finally here

January 13, 2011 was a great day. Not only because it was Josh's b-day, but because our first adorable baby girl arrived into out lives. She is now a week and a day old and growing so much. She started off tiny but small things come in big packages, at least she felt huge coming out, haha. So here is the story: Wednesday, Jan. 12, was filled with contractions and as they got worse into the night, we decided to go in when they were preventing me from sleeping. As we monitored them all night with Nick's ipod touch stopwatch for the initial 5 hours, they were all over the place, groups of 5 min. apart, 10 min apart, 3 min apart, but all bad. So we called the hospital and finally went about 3am. I was 3 1/2 cm dilated so they made me walk and hang out for 2 hours to see if anything would progress and it didn't so they said I would have to go home. There was no way I could have gone home but the nurse had to check with the Dr. before we left and I was like "yeah!, you do that." The Dr. said I could try the jecuzzi which only got me a 1/2 cm but it was enough. From there, it was bad with the 3 minute long contractions from you know where. I rated it a 10 and it was justified b/c once they gave me the epideral which didn't even hurt compared to the contractions. They broke my water mid contraction which was the last straw and then the epideral kicked in. As soon as it kicked in it happened in under an hour. Nick was encouraging me the whole time and watched the whole thing. About 45 minutes to be exact was all it took to see my little baby and hear her cry. Yes, I cried a little as a confirmation of our accomplishment. Things happened so fast from there, with nurses and Dr.s telling me all kinds of stuff and what I had to do every couple hours. It was a total of 42 hours we had been awake so we got some sleep when they took her to the nursery and they kept us in the hospital an extra day to watch her progress due to her being 2 1/2 weeks early. We are so blessed to have Skye in our life and she is a happy little "peanut" as they called her in the hospital. She is so precious and has an adorable little squeaky cry. It's great being a parent and Nick is so cute with her, talking to her alot and helping out whenever he can. Its fun to finally dress her in her clothes that are slightly too big with her little body but she is still the cutest little thing. I love here so much already.... Having a baby is truly the greatest gift we are given being on this earth. Thanks for all the well wishes and support from you all.
Love Nick, Renee, and Skye

Monday, January 10, 2011

37 weeks and the count down Begins

3 more weeks left and the anticipation is building eve more. I feel great, but can't wait to meet her. These are the most recent belly pictures on the day of my baby shower. It was a clear sunny day so I took it outside to give you the proper lighting and angles. Skye is growing right on schedule and I haven't heard any due date change, but the day after the shower brought some unexpected plug lossage so it could be any day now. We are very excited and trying to scramble to get organized. The shower was really fun, but I missed a lot of you there. You were way missed and I thought about you the whole time and all the fun we would have had. haha. I got some cute stuff and I appreciate all the support and generosity. We will keep you updated and hope to have our family expanded very soon so we can reveal the middle name to you all. Yay!!!!

29 and Expecting so much more

So I am 29 now and for my b-day this year, I got everything I wanted. I had a simple helping of mint cookie chunk ice cream and it definitely did the job in making my wish come true. Nick was awesome and took off work early so we could go get some lunch at Taco Bell which is where I wanted to go. He's not cheap, he just knows what I want. After that, we had a Twilight marathon b/c I got Eclipse as one of my gifts. Pretty awesome! We only made it through Twilight and half of New Moon but finished up on Christmas Eve. It was a great b-day and I could not have been happier. Got my Kobe jersey from my mom and I was exstatic on top of the classic Witte tradition, Yahtzee game. Endurance Yahtzee soon to follow... Chall-onge anyone? So 2010 was a great b-day and led into an awesome Christmas with Mark and Bec and a New Years toast with Nick that was focused around Skye on her way. We are way excited and can't wait to begin a new year with a new cutie. Love her already...